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Debbie Henning is a singer,songwriter and an accomplished guitarist. She couples her unique harmonies with 12 and six string acoustic guitars. She has been influenced most by the rock, folk, and blues styles of music and has had seven number one hits in their genre at the former mp3.com. Her daughter Trish Henning, also a highly talented musician, joins Debbie not only on stage since she was 12, but also in the recording studio.

Her Shades of Blue CD, released in the winter of 2003, features three-time world fiddle champ, Byron BerlineW C Handy award nominee, Mark Lyon and the artwork of Grammy award winner Jim Warren This CD was produced by Mark Lyon and features the talents of the finest recording artists from the surrounding area, including Trish Henning on cello on "If you could read my Mind" by Gordon Lightfoot. Two songs were written by Mark Lyon, and the remaining 9 by Debbie.

Musical Influences
Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Janis Ian, Jim Croce
Harry Chapin, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Billy Joel, Mark Lyon, Keb Mo

Personal History
Debbie is originally from St. Charles, Missouri, a river city and now resides in Oklahoma City. She is a self-taught guitarist beginning at age eight. She began playing "risking getting caught" while playing older brother's guitar. Received first guitar, a 12-string, at age 14, and played it exclusively for eight years including playing street music in the French Quarter. Debbie has played and traveled in 38 states.
CD Releases:

  • Ocean of Emotion

  • Still Burning

  • Snake Eyes Only

  • Shades of Blue 2003

Reviews in the Press:

"Debbie is no doubt a gifted songwriter and performer"
Shelley Hiestand; Superior Music and Sound.

"Debbie is a very talented performer and songwriter"
Pat Glenn; former president Oklahoma Songwriters & Composers Association..

"a very distictive style"...Arts Council of OKC "an exceptional performer"
Gary Good,
Entertainment & Speakers Bureau.

"Rarely do I meet an artist that possesses such a passion for music."
Aletha Dewbre; Southwest Blues magazine.

Debbie Henning will have you reaching for your handkerchief with her excellent song, "Ocean of Emotion". Debbie's vocals really tug at the heartstrings, and the strings of her acoustic jangle an evocative and perfectly executed accompaniment. The grand tradition of female singer/songwriters is well represented here in the form of the excellent Debbie Henning. Enjoy!
Steve Elliot, Acoustic Guitar Workshop and publisher.

"Debbie has the ability to take any song and make you like it. She and her daughter Trish are my two favorite Oklahoma songbirds"
Keri Leigh, W.C. Handy award nominee and author of the SRV biography Soul to Soul

"A taylor made woman"
Hardluck Jim Johnson, KGOU radio

Contact Debbie
via email at debhenning10@gmail.com